Why hiQview
Why hiQview is Your Best Choice?
IP surveillance solutions with advanced features and a wide range of applications are definitely a new market trend in the future. hiQview is the expert in this industry and offers reliable, powerful and high-quality IP surveillance total solutions for customers worldwide. Our goal is to help our customers to become winners in the market.
Support few quantity trial orders
To encourage you to know more about our product quality and performance, our company support few quantity trial orders. We suggest that you can buy some different samples of our IP Cameras with NVRs to try. Our company believes that you will be amazed at our product after your trying.
Complete product lines
Depending on our advanced technologies, we design and produce IP cameras with various resolutions 5MP / 3MP / 2MP / Full HD / MegaPixel, High Efficiency Network Video Recorder (NVR), friendly Central Management System (CMS), and intelligent image analysis. The CMS controls NVRs, and the NVRs controls IP cameras. This is to say, our IP cameras, NVRs, and CMS form complete IP surveillance solutions.
hiQview IP Solutions have innovative features that can be applied to a broad range of applications and to different industrial projects. It easily deploys in all kinds of environments, whether it is wired, wireless, indoor, and outdoor as well as in harsh and complicated conditions. You don’t need to spend extra time looking for suitable products. Our company offers one stop shopping to meet all your needs.
Highest Quality Products
Our IP cameras have the following image applications like WDR (Wide Dynamic Range), DNR (Digital Noise Reduction), Day & Night, Electronic Shutter, AGC (Automatic gain control), BLC (Back Light Compensation), AWB (Automatic White Balance), Light Sensitivity. Besides the excellent image applications, our IP cameras also have very powerful and sustainable features like “Vandal-proof” which ideally fits in harsh outdoor conditions, and “Low and wide temperature range” which can be operated in the temperature range -22°F ~ 122°F (-30°C ~ 50°C). Especially, our IP Cameras and our NVRs with CMS have Platform integration completely. You can trust our product performances and quality, because hiQview only offers the best products for you.
Full Technical Support
hiQview has many experiences in Networking, IP Cameras, NVRs, Optics, and mechanics. Also, we have many experiences in many big IP Surveillance projects. So we can offer environmental analysis and professional technical supports in big projects to support our distributors, for example, total solutions for wiring layout, installation, maintenance and the provision of any other professional suggestions. We believe that our supports can help our distributors have professional abilities to win their customers’ trusts.
Professional Marketing Materials
hiQview provides our distributors a promotion kit with all the advertising materials distributors need, for example, brochures, catalogues, specifications, PowerPoint files, demonstration videos, CDs and so on. Distributors will know what the selling points are and what the strengths of products are. Selling and marketing hiQview products will be an easy task for our distributers.
Steady and Credible Business Growth
Most importantly, hiQview ensures our distributors a steady and credible business growth. We really care about the business environment for our distributors. We always try our best to reduce channel confliction for local distributers in the same market, and to protect the benefits of our distributers. Our core objective at hiQview is to grow together with our distributors well into the near future.