HIQ-3604  4 Channel Network Video Recorder

We are the top Network Camera Manufacturer in the security industry.HIQ-3604 NVR (Network Video Recorder) is a 4 channel NVR which is suitable to be applied to small and medium business scale surveillance system. 




High Stability

HIQ-3604 NVRs (Network Video Recorders) is an 4 channel NVRs thus are qualified to fulfill various video central management, transfer, storage, playback and event alarm, etc. With the great performance and high stability, HIQ-3604 is suitable to be applied to small and medium business scale surveillance system.

High Performance & High Quality

HIQ-3604 supports multiple resolutions: 5Mp / 3Mp / 2Mp / Full HD / MegaPixel / FD1 / CIF / QCIF. The compression formats are: H.264 / MPEG-4 / JPEG. The recording frame rate is up to 480 fps @ 1.3Mp or 240fos @ 2Mp, and the recording throughput is 80 Mbps. Therefore, no matter it is live video or playback video, HIQ-3604 performs excellent video quality.

Simple and high quality live monitor
HIQ-3604 receives and records high quality H.264 video stream up to 1.3 Megapixel at the same time. The GUI is a simple and clear web interface, and all functions are available with just a few clicks of the mouse. You can view the videos as the way you like: there are several layouts for your choice. Other functions such as taking a snapshot of the viewing video, sending and receiving audio from the video and starting recording immediately, all of these functions can be launched just through a single mouse-clicking.

Handy Live Monitor
Your surveillance job can be supervised anywhere! Simply using your smart phone, without additional software required, you can view the live images with the web browser on your smart phone. Also, if you are in an area where bandwidth is limited, the video refresh rate can be adjusted remotely through your smart phone as well.

4-channel synchronous playback
With the synchronous playback of HIQ-3604, you are able to view playback videos at the same time up to 4 cameras. The HIQ-3604 web interface provides functions to search recorded video by time or by event and you can stop, pause, fast forward or rewind the playback videos anytime. If it was recorded in high resolution, you can zoom to view the playback video without losing any detail. The recorded video can be exported as AVI file for further investigation.

Event alerts through Google Map
The Google map is embedded to HIQ-3604 web UI, providing instant event notification along with hiQview IP cameras’ geographic information. You can zoom in to a specific region to monitor events from particular cameras within that region. If an event is triggered from a camera located outside of your current viewing area, the Google map moves automatically to the area where the event trigger camera is located.

Easy maintain job
HIQ-3604 firmware upgrade can be completed using an USB flash disk. Simply place the firmware file in an USB flash disk and plug it into HIQ-3604, the upgrade process starts automatically.


Friendly GUI & Remote Access

HIQ-3604 NVR GUI (graphic user interface) is designed based on the “simple and friendly” principle. Through using web browsers on your personal computer or mobile devices (e.g., smart phones, PDAs), you can easily set up and operate HIQ-3604 on the remote sites.

Free CMS

Compared to large scale IP surveillance systems, hiQview provide our customers with CMS (Central Management System) freely bundled with HIQ-3604. hiQview CMS are capable of controlling up to 16 HIQ-3604. Totally, with the combination of hiQview IP cameras, HIQ-3604 NVR and hiQview CMS, you can build a 3-level IP surveillance system to manage 64 IP cameras. The 3-level architecture is certainly flexible to fulfill different environmental requirements.



• Manage up to 4 IP cameras
• Pure web-based administration
• Support resolution: 5MP/ 3MP/ 2MP/ Full HD/ MegaPixel
• 240 fps @ 2MP (H.264) or 480 fps @ 1.3MP (H.264)
• Support max. storage 6TB (3TB X 2)
• High quality Live/ Playback video
• 4 channels synchronous playback
• Export Playback videos to AVI
• E-map and Google Map event alert
• Two-way audio
• Smart camera search
• Mobile devices remote monitoring
• Built-in 8 x DI, 4 x DO for event management
• Backup recorded video to USB HDD
• Support USB UPS
• Bundled with FREE CMS



Adding Cameras Manual or Smart Camera Search
Max Channels 4
Compression Format H.264, JPEG and MPEG-4
Resolution 5 MP/3MP/2MP/Full HD/Megapixel/HD/D1/CIF/QCIF
Max. Frame Rate 240 fps @ 2MP (H.264)
Audio Support 2-way (G.711 / G.726)
Live View
Display Mode Live view / Playback / Full Screen / Original Aspect Ratio
Split Screen 1 / 4
Full Screen 1 / 4
PTZ Support Virtual PTZ Panel / Auto Pan / Prest Point / Preset Sequence / Digital PTZ
Sequence Mode Sequence All / Manually Selected Cameras in 1/4 split view with configurable timer
Snapshot 3 continuous snapshots in JPEG format
E-Map Motion Detected Event Display on E-Map / Google Map
Mobile Device Live JPEG with PT control through iPhone / Blackberry / Andriod phones built-in browser
Split Screen 1 / 4
Search Method Time / Date, Event
Playback Controls Play / Pause / Stop / Fast Forward / Rewind / Frame by Frame
AVI Export Export playback videos to local computer in AVI format
Recording Mode Manual / Continuous / Scheduling / Event
Scheduling Type Manual Select / Profile-base / Weekly Mode
Recording Throughput 80 Mbps
Protocols HTTP / TCP / IP / UDP / SMTP / FTP / DHCP / DDNS / DNS / NTP / UPnP / ARP / NTP / ICMP
User Management
Management User / Group
Number of Groups 7 ( Administrator/Guest/User define x 5 )
Privileges Live View / Playback / System Configuration / Camera Configuration / Recording Configuration / Event Configuration / System Maintenance
Triggers & Events
Events System Evenst / Camera Events
Event Actions E-Mail / FTP / Recording / DO
Event Recording Pre (5 sec.) / Post (30 sec.) Event Recording
Power and Storage
UPS Support External UPS System
Storage HDD : SATA HDD Slot x 2, max. capacity 6TB (3TB X 2)
English/ Traditional Chinese / Simple Chinese / Japanese / Spanish / Italain / German /Danish / Czech / Polish / French / Russian / Slovensky / Hungarian / Portuguese
CPU and Menory ARM9 1.6Ghz / 512MB DDR3 RAM / 16 MB ROM
Ethernet Gigabit
LED Cameras / Power / Status / Network / HDD1/ HDD2 / Alarm
Buttons Reset / Power / Buzzer Stop
Connectors USB x 1, RS485, D1 x 8 / DO x 4 , RS232
Power 19V DC/90W
Dimensions 82 x 220 x 215 mm (H x W X D)
Weight 10lbs / 4.5Kg
Temperature Operating: 5°C ~ 45 °C / 41°F ~ 113 °F
Storage: -40°C ~ 70°C / -14°F ~ 158°F
Humidity 5% ~ 90%( non condensing)
Safety FCC Class A / CE / UL
View System Requirements
OS Windows 7, 2000, XP, 2003
Browser Microsoft IE 7.0 or above
Hardware Minimum Intel Dual Core 2 Duo @ 2.4 Ghz or higher RAM: 1024MB or above
Free Central Management Software
- Central Management of up to 16 NVRs
- Support up to 256 channels
- Built-in intelligent video analytics
Object loss detection/Tripwire/Threat detection/Smart motion detection/Image enhancement
- Smart device search
- Support H.264
- Multi-screen Manage
- Support two way audio
- Mouse-over-video / Digital PTZ Control



Item Version Date Download
(English version)
V1.0 2013/01/28
Product Image V1.0 2013/01/28