hiQview CMS (Central Management System )  

hiQview CMS ( Central Management System ) is designed specifically for hiQview’s 4ch, 8ch or 16ch standalone NVRs ( HIQ-3504, HIQ-3604, HIQ-3608, HIQ-3616).
From the application of hiQview, it can fulfill the requirements from small to larger business environments. hiQview CMS provides a maximum of 256 channels for users to easily monitor 16 pieces of NVRs through a web browser on a PC.
hiQview CMS also provides advanced functions such as E-Map Monitor by picture- in- picture, Smart motion detection, Support Multi-monitors ,and Multi-Display Mode management, etc. The specific features make hiQview CMS to be a valuable management system for where multiple NVRs are needed, such as large chain retail stores, supermarkets, parking lots, school, and hospitals, etc.
1. Support maximum of 256 channels
A hiQview CMS can control maximum16 NVRs (Network Video Recorders) totally.
Each standalone NVR is able to connect to 16 network cameras.
The CMS controls NVR, and the NVR controls IP cameras.
With a hiQview CMS, 256 IP cameras can be managed from a single PC at one central location.
2. Support multi-monitors
The hiQview CMS can support multi-monitors, so it can help users to do multi-task with multiple functions on different monitors. When you install hiQview CMS in your local PC, it runs as one of the Windows services and operates in the background.
3. Intelligent Video Analytics
Object loss detection
hiQview CMS can trigger an alert if an item is removed from its last location.
Users may define an alarm to be triggered when an object is removed or stolen.
Smart motion detection
Users can configure one or more regions in a video as motion areas.
Only motions which detected in those areas can trigger the alerts.
From creating one or more virtual lines and setting motion detections, if a person or a vehicle is crossing one of virtual lines, it can be triggered. Moreover, users may configure the prohibited or allowed movement in a single direction.
To improve the interpretability or perception of information in images, hiQview CMS offers the function of image enhancement. It can help users easily to read the information.
Threat detection
hiQview CMS can trigger an alert automatically, when operation of camera is disrupted by blocking the camera, low visibility, and redirection, etc.
4. Smart device search
hiQviewCMS provides smart device search. It can automatically detect any new added NVRs in the local area network. This function can help users to add additional NVR without knowing its current IP address.
5. Event Notifications
hiQview CMS provides event notifications and playback for live videos. It also keeps a list of previously triggered events, so users can playback at anytime. It provides not only a live video with event trigger, but also the detailed channel information such as its geographic information with an E-Map Monitor by picture- in- picture. This function of eventnotifications is specifically designed for event triggers to offer users significant information.
6. E-Map monitoring
hiQview CMS provides dual layer E-Map display, i.e., main map and its sub-maps.
It offers users a clear overview about where the cameras are located. It also supports Picture-in-Picture map views. Whenever the system detects an event, all layers can provide instant notifications with videos displayed.
7. Four Channel Synchronous Playback
With synchronous playback, if users have many cameras which are set up at the different directions of building entrances, users can view the playback of maximum 4 cameras’ recorded videos at the same time.
In the User’s interface, users can search recorded videos by time or by event, and users can have the following functions, such as stop, pause, fast forward or rewind the playback videos at anytime. Besides, users may use digital zoom to view high resolution recorded videos.
Furthermore, users can take snapshots for the recorded video or export a portion of the recorded video as AVI file in local PC for further investigations.
8. Easy Management with Drag 'n Drop
With a user-friendly interface, hiQview CMS provides intuitive controls such as drag'n drop. By simply clicking and dragging a video window and dropping it to a different one, users can re-arrange position of each video anytime they want. On the sides of the user interface, hiQview NVRs and IP Cameras are listed there. Users may drag a listed camera or NVR, and drop it to a desired video window. According to the position arranged for each channel, all channels will be placed and displayed automatically.



  • Central Management of up to 16 NVRs
  • Support up to 256 channels
  • Built-in intelligent video analytics
    Object loss detection / Tripwire / Threat detection / Smart motion detection / Image enhancement
  • Smart device search
  • E-Map Monitor by picture- in- picture
  • Support H.264
  • Support Multi-monitors
  • Multi-Display Mode management
  • Support two way audio
  • Mouse-over-video / Digital PTZ Control


Supported Device 16 x Network Video Recorder
Max Channels 256
Video / Audio
Compression Format MJPEG/MPEG4/H.264
Resolution 5 MP / 3MP / 2MP / Full HD / Megapixel / HD / D1 / CIF / QCIF
Max. Frame Rate MegaPixel/FD1/CIF/QCIF
Audio Support 2-way (G.711 / G.726)
Live View
Multi-Monitor Up to five monitors can be automati- cally detected for viewing different function windows simultaneously
Display Mode Live View/E-Map View/Event Monitor/ Playback/Full Screen x 2
Split Screen 1/4/6/9/13/16
Pattern Display Mode User self-define patterns
Full Screen 1 / 4 / 9 / 16
PTZ Controls Pan/Tilt/Zoom/IRIS/Focus/Speed
PTZ Functions Virtual PTZ Panel/Mouse-over-video,PTZ/Auto Pan/Preset Point/Digital PTZ
Sequence Mode Sequence All/Manually Selected cam- eras in 1/4/6/9 split view/Self-define patterns
with configurable timer
Snapshot Single/Continuous snapshot in JPEG format
E-Map Dual Layer E-Map Display (main map and its sub-maps)
Live videos display on map
Motion Display Edge Paint/Matrix Highlight/ROI (Region of Interest) browser
Image Enhancement Improve visibility of video under low light condition
Display PIP Video Integrated on E-Map
Event Trigger Pop-up video displayed on the map
Split Screen 1 / 4
Search Method Time / Date. Event
Event Search All/Time/Channel/Event Type/Event ID
Playback Controls Play/Pause/Stop/Forward (Speed adjust- able)/Reverse (Speed Adjustable)/Frame by Frame/Event By Event
Export AVI Export playback videos to local computer AVI format
Camera Status Disconnected/Connected/Recording/ Event (Motion or sensor)
System Info System Time/Login Users/System Log-out/Network Bandwidth
Motion Display ROI (Region of Interest)
Triggers and Events
Intelligent Detection Smart Motion Detection/NVR Digital input & output/Malicious Attack/Object Loss/Tripwire
Motion Display Edge Paint/Matrix Highlight/ROI
Event Detection Motion/Digital input & output/SVR NVR-System Status/Camera Status
Event Notifications On-Screen Alert/On-screen Motion Dis- play/Mail/FTP/Configurable Alert Sound/ Record
English / Traditional Chinese / Simple Chinese / Japanese / Spanish / Italain / German / Danish / Czech /
Polish / French
View System Requirements
Hardware Minimum RAM :Minimum 2GB or above is recom- mended
Graphic Card: Independant graphic card with DirectX9.0c or higher
Network: 100 Megabit Network Inter- face or above
OS Windows 2000(SP4), Windows XP, Windows 2003


Item Version Date Download
(English version)
V1.0 2014/3/27
Product Image V1.0 2014/3/27