Complete IP surveillance solutions
With hiQview’s complete product lines, you can build your own IP surveillance solutions—IP cameras + NVRs + Free-bundled CMS. Our IP cameras adapt to various environments and NVRs (Network Video Recorders) are bundled with free CMS (Central Management System). The CMS controls NVRs, and the NVRs controls IP cameras. This is to say, our IP cameras, NVRs, and CMS form complete IP surveillance solutions.
IP Camera:
  • Resolutions: 2 Megapixels ~ 5 Megapixel, Full HD, HD
  • Various types: Bullet, Dome, PT (pan and tilt), PTZ (Pan, Tilt, and Zoom), Cube, 360° Panorama
  • Image applications: WDR (Wide Dynamic Range), DNR (Digital Noise Reduction), Day & Night, Electronic Shutter, AGC (Automatic gain control), BLC (Back Light Compensation), AWB (Automatic White Balance), Light Sensitivity
  • Robust camera protection: weather-proof (IP66 and IP67)
  • Wiring alternatives: wired / wireless / PoE
hiQview NVRs support multiple resolutions: 5MP / 3MP / 2MP / Full HD / Megapixel / D1 / CIF / QCIF. The main compression formats are: H.264 / MPEG-4 / JPEG. The recording frame rate is up to 480 fps @ 1.3MP or 240 fps @ 2MP, and the recording throughput is 80 Mbps. Therefore, whether it is live video or playback video, hiQview NVRs video performance quality is excellent.
hiQview CMS (Central Management Software) is designed specifically for hiQview NVRs and hiQvew IP cameras. The scalability that hiQview CMS adds to our NVRs is ideal to be deployed to various applications. hiQview CMS also provides advanced functions such as intelligent video analysis to help users respond immediately to their surveillance event.
A bright choice for your IP surveillance solutions
With the complete IP surveillance product lines, hiQview aims to provide our customers with the widest range of IP surveillance application. Our excellent IP surveillance solutions are capable of coping with any surveillance scenarios.
Special Features for Special Conditions
In terms of video quality, hiQview IP cameras can amaze your eyes.
Light Sensitivity: With advanced technology, our cameras work well even under low illumination.
WDR (Wide Dynamic Range): Our WDR camera provides clear images even under both very bright and very dark areas simultaneously in the field of view of the camera.
DNR (Digital Noise Reduction): Under low illumination condition, IP surveillance usually has unstable performance. However, with the DNR technique,
hiQview’s IP Cameras can remove noises and produce high clear images.
One spot & Full aspect: Focusing on one spot or monitoring at full aspect, hiQview’s Bullet, Dome, 360° Panorama, PT (pan / tilt), PTZ (pan / tilt/ Zoom), and Cube cameras will match your needs.
hiQview IP cameras make every details matter.
Powerful and Sustainable
Weather-proof for outdoor applications (IP66 and IP67): All of our outdoor IP cameras are capable of preventing water and small particles, e.g., water drops and dust, to invade into the camera unit.
Vandal-proof: One of hiQview’s cameras, HIQ-5483, is a physically robust dome IP camera which ideally fits in harsh outdoor conditions. No matter it is human intended vandalism or depredation caused by natural disaster (e.g., strong wind or heavy rain)
Low and wide temperature range: In our product lines, our outdoor IP Camera HIQ-5384 has included heater inside. It can be operated in the temperature range -22°F ~ 122°F (-30°C ~ 50°C)
The weather-proof, vandal proof, and low temperature characteristics make hiQview IP cameras can be applied to some very strict environments.
User friendly
One of the great things about hiQview IP cameras is our design for easy-to-use. From installation to practically use, there are just few easy steps to go through.
Simple installation:
With the stable camera base, hiQview IP cameras can be installed easily in your monitoring environment. PoE technology passes electrical power safely, along with the video data, on Ethernet cabling. Not only the deployment cost is reduced, but also the physical space for the IP surveillance work is saved. In sum, PoE feature simplifies the surveillance work, reduces the cost, and saves space altogether.
Auto Search
The network deployment of hiQview IP Cameras are uncomplicated and quick. It provides the install tool, which can search for the device that is already connected to the Internet. This feature alleviates the inconvenience of complex network setting.
Easy configurations
Our User’s interfaces are very easy to operate. You don’t need to spend a lot of time in setting complicated parameters to connect to our hiQview IP Cameras.