hiQview IP surveillance system is a good tool for retailers to improve profitability. Compared to traditional CCTV, IP cameras can do more than monitoring in-store activities. For example, it can help staff in planning the store layout and in-store advertisement. Therefore, you can improve service and achieve higher profitability. Furthermore, by implementing the new surveillance system, you can significantly reduce shrinkage and improve staff security.









Loss Prevention

Retail stores or outlets always fear high and difficult-to-control costs. Some of the losses in stores are difficult to prevent, such as shrinkage, fraud, theft and so on. hiQview IP surveillance system make loss prevention easier. Retailers are able to receive alerts from an IP camera when it detected theft, removal of high-value items, or any other suspicious shopping behavior. It also makes warehouse management easier. The impact is significant: increasing revenue and higher ROI can be expected.


Safety of store and staff

The safety and security of both customers and employees is always a crucial issue for retailers. hiQview IP cameras can leverage existing in-store security systems. Moreover, stores can be monitored remotely even after store hours. Retailers can achieve faster response times during emergencies without putting employees in danger, and powerful search tools are available to assist in identifying violators during investigations.


Enhance customer in-store shopping experience

hiQview IP surveillance system is easily integrated with POS (point of sale) systems. It provides efficient ways to collect useful data for analyzing business performance. Intelligent video analytics provide helpful information such as customer counts and shopping habits. Retailers can use the data to evaluate customer service and store layout in order to choose the most efficient in-store advertisement and promotion. By doing so, retailers are able to improve service and enhance customer experience.