Because of advances in technology, the future of health care looks bright. hiQview IP Surveillance is a helpful system which can be applied to different fields of health care. It helps medical professionals by providing a more flexible, steady and cost efficient surveillance system. hiQview offers customized functions for different requirements.



Setup a solid healthcare environment
Patient care facilities, laboratory, storage rooms, and other health care facilities always require high security due to expensive equipment or even dangerous chemicals. hiQview IP cameras provide instant notification on potential dangers, such as objects blocking emergency exits, unknown personnel walking into restricted areas, or incidents in the lab. It provides a more efficient way to protect facilities, patients and staff.
Intelligent safety guard for patients

More and more hospitals are using IP cameras to improve patient care. hiQview IP Surveillance can detect potential activities which put patients in danger. For instance, it can detect if patients leaving their beds or exiting their rooms without permission, IV (intravenous) equipment tampers, an excessive number of visitors, or if a patient is coming under critical situations. Hospital staff can be alerted by real-time notification and take immediate action. Hence, hospitals can improve their service and also reduce liability and insurance costs by hiQview IP Surveillance.



Maximize the ability of doctors
With various resolutions 5MP / 3MP / 2MP / Full HD / MegaPixel IP cameras, High Efficiency Network Video Recorder (NVR), friendly Central Management System (CMS), and intelligent image analysis, hiQview IP Surveillance system is able to provide clearer images and audio provide to doctors in different locations. Doctors can examine patients anytime and anywhere via a computer. hiQview IP cameras can also be installed in the ICU (Intensive Care Unit) or operating room to assist hospital staff in taking care of patients. Or, hiQview IP cameras can be set up in the laboratory so that the experiment subjects can be watched anytime and anywhere remotely. Personnel management will also be more flexible and economical.