Industrial organizations face challenges in reaching production goals and securing staff security at the same time. hiQview IP Surveillance can be applied to different areas such as manufacturing lines, central control systems, industrial and pharmaceutical processes, auto motion, warehouse and stock control systems, etc. It helps companies turn obstacles into opportunities, prevent danger, and enhance production efficiency.


Site management and quality control

hiQview IP cameras can be used in different industrial settings:

Control room
remote monitoring of production processes can protect workers from health hazards.

Production lines and robotics
camera is used to monitor automated production lines or factory robots and send alerts if any abnormalities occur. It also helps ensure production quality.

Remote site management
if there are any malfunctions or problems in the plant while no engineers are around, IP cameras will be very helpful. People on the site can set up virtual meetings and obtain technical support immediately. In addition, because of remote functionalities, the plant’s staff can be relieved of time-consuming processes and perform other tasks.

Protect company property and prevent theft

hiQview IP surveillance can be applied to warehouse management and security. Plants often contain expensive raw material, products, equipment, and machines. Any loss of these items leads to higher costs for the business. And the efficiency of storage systems can have significant impact on the bottom line. Therefore, these critical infrastructure facilities require a high standard of security. IP cameras set up at different areas allow companies to more easily protect their property.

Entrance/Exit Security
Monitor people and goods entering and leaving your facilities to prevent theft and prevent damage to raw materials. IP cameras can automatically send notifications if any unusual activity is detected. Theft and shrinkage can be reduced.

Storage areas
Manage storage areas more efficiently and reduce warehouse personnel requirements by using remote monitoring via IP cameras.


  hiQview IP surveillance system, with various resolutions 5MP / 3MP / 2MP / Full HD / MegaPixel IP cameras, High Efficiency Network Video Recorder (NVR), friendly Central Management System (CMS), and intelligent image analysis, is your best industry solution.