Campus safety is always a top issue. A campus is usually a large open space whose security is difficult to ensure. Dead angle areas often cause problems and threaten the safety of students. Some schools have more than one campus and have problems managing the multiple locations. To protect school staff and students, you need a better and multi-functional security surveillance system. Deploying hiQview IP Surveillance system is not only cost efficient but also enables you to:

• Monitor student activities in different campuses

• Avoid damage of school property and reduce the repair costs

• Ensure the safety of staff and students during school hours

• Set up the system at different locations without cables

• Remotely monitor school property outside school hours.

Providing a safe learning environment for students
hiQview IP Surveillance allows schools to view live video at different campuses simultaneously with high quality images. It helps to discourage smoking, drug and alcohol use, and violence among students. Also, it will shorten the reaction time of security officers or teachers when incidents occur. The relevant video clips can be provided as evidence and shared with parents or teachers.
Facilitate remote campus guarding

Since hiQview IP cameras have reliable network and wireless functions, it is easy to set up at the necessary locations and connect different buildings or campuses. And you can use remote monitoring to watch over the campus from different locations outside school hours. Hence, it protects school property and saves your security budget and reduces personnel requirements.

Easy access for parents
Another benefit of hiQview IP cameras is that video or images are transmitted via the internet. Through this new technology, busy parents who are not able to participate in children’s important events can still be involved in school activities from different locations. IP surveillance is a useful tool for schools and education. More and more educational institutions are expected to use IP cameras in remotely monitoring playground areas, corridors, halls and classrooms. hiQview IP Surveillance is the best choice for educational institutions.