Bank security can always use a more powerful surveillance system. The security system should be able to protect staff and assets. Additionally, it should be able to verify bank transactions accurately in order to prevent time wasted on false alarms. Based on the existing Internet infrastructure, hiQview IP Surveillance combining with advanced hardware and software is fully capable of providing mighty functions to enhance the banking and finance system.

Great scalability for easy remote monitor

hiQview IP Surveillance System is easy to use and cost-efficient. Deploying hiQview IP Surveillance enables you to monitor activities at different branch offices from a central location. Furthermore, it is flexible and convenient to add more cameras into network systems for any organization as needed

Guarding valuable properties with intelligence

Since hiQview cameras are more reliable and have higher quality video images, externally, they can help to reduce the risk that thieves or burglars will escape; internally, they can prohibit crimes such as employee fraud. The high quality images also provide easy identification of people and a clear view of the customers at branch offices, deposit boxes, and ATM machines. Moreover, management is able to evaluate peak hours of activity from real-time images and adjust the number of tellers in order to provide better service to customers.

Act in a real time fashion

Act in a real time fashionOne of the new features of IP cameras is motion detection. Once someone breaks into the organization, images can be sent by e-mail or MMS (mobile multimedia services) to security personnel or police. It enables related personnel to take prompt action based on accurate, up-to-the-minute information. This can save time and prevent efforts wasted in responding to false alarms. Ultimately, bank personnel can work in a safer environment and achieve higher efficiency and performance.