To provide safe, rapid, and reliable transportation is the goal for transportation organizations. Especially for high density transportation facilities, such as train stations, airports, and subway platforms, much financial resources and personnel are necessary to monitor and ensure the safety of passengers. The above problems can be solved by installing hiQview IP Surveillance at certain locations.



Intelligent main functions

High quality video helps monitor facilities so that incidents or potential threats can be detected in advance. In addition, video management software can remotely monitor different locations from a central office.


The state-of-the-art high technologies of hiQview IP Surveillance will automatically send alerts when people are walking on rail tracks, heading towards restricted areas, moving in the wrong direction, or when there is vandalism and violence. Also, it helps prevent danger by detecting suspicious objects or things that are blocking emergency exits.

Omni bearing functions fulfill various needs

Transportation organizations always hope to provide better service to enhance customer experience. hiQview IP cameras offer new possibilities to meet demands of transportation users. It also optimizes operations to make transportation systems work more smoothly as well as save energy and money.


Commuters can easily obtain live video of traffic flow or road conditions from a computer anywhere. Real-time information helps drivers choose the best route and save commuting time.

Transportation organizations can provide up-to-the-minute traffic information, such as live videos of airplane arrivals, by sending data to electronic bulletins or other devices.

Operators can obtain real-time information to determine the best route or schedule for customers.

Maintenance crew is able to arrange priority of work to improve the safety of operators and customers.

New opportunities for transportation surveillance

IP surveillance system takes the advantages of the current wide-spread IP infrastructure. hiQview’s Transportation Solution has the distributed characteristic – it is easy-to-install and scalable. With the fast growing of transportation system, choosing hiQview IP Surveillance gives you the clear and smart surveillance way to monitor




Traffic pivot

Emergency entry

Restricted area


  hiQview IP surveillance system, with various resolutions 5MP / 3MP / 2MP / Full HD / MegaPixel IP cameras, High Efficiency Network Video Recorder (NVR), friendly Central Management System (CMS), and intelligent image analysis, assists transportation organizations in providing more secure and reliable transportation as well as better service.