It is the responsibility of the government to provide a safe living environment for its citizens. It is especially important to ensure the public’s safety. hiQview IP Surveillance assists the government in protecting its citizens and reduces potential threats to public safety.



Crime fighter
hiQview IP surveillance system can be one of the most useful tools for fighting crimes. It can provide real-time notification of security breaches to relevant authorities. Also, it offers clear video verification and quick search results. It is efficient in detecting serious crimes and threats in the city so that vandalism, mugging, or theft can be reduced.
Emergency services
Nowadays, It is common for police or fire fighters to access video from surveillance cameras when emergency strikes. hiQview IP surveillance system can assist police or fighters in pinpointing exactly where the emergency is occurring and provide more helpful assistance. The up-to-minute information and real-time images help emergency teams take rapid action and complete missions more safely and efficiently.
Entrance, Exits, and reception areas
Placing hiQview IP surveillance system at the entrances and exits of public buildings can monitor and record people entering or leaving. The reception area is also an ideal place to observe who is entering the building. Migration of an existing CCTV security system into an IP surveillance solution can enhance the reliability and functionality of the networks. Hence, potential crime is easier to prevent and response to emergency is more rapid. Footage with high quality image can be used as evidence or identification of suspects. In addition, hiQview IP cameras can provide statistical evidence which enable related departments to calculate and observe how people use public facilities such as libraries and museums.
City surveillance
hiQview IP surveillance system provides better image quality and remote control. It helps police to monitor traffic and fight crime. It also helps emergency crew pinpoint the location and obtain real-time information about the situation at the site. Records are easier to search and flag. In addition, high quality images assist in identifying criminals and crime scenes.